Let Me Explain

I’ve been hinting at things for a while, not really spelling out details for fear that my best-laid plans might fall apart. It’s a sad state of affairs, I know, and not much fun reading. So let me fill in the details.

I’ve wanted a nice camera for a while now. When I say “nice,” I mean a DSLR of any quality, so long as it’s new and mine. I’ve also been trying to find a reliable creative outlet, one that I could stick with for a long time and actually blaze a trail doing. I felt like the pressure to move on photography as a serious hobby has been mounting in the past few months and I finally admitted it out loud in an email to a certain person.

Throughout this lead-up I knew I couldn’t use a dime of my family’s budget to make this dream happen. Well, circumstances came about where a considerable chunk of extra income landed in my lap. I read this (not being cheesy here) as a sign from God. So I started doing my homework. I landed on the Nikon D5100. Don’t laugh, and spare me your opinions. This is the camera I settled on; I read the reviews and looked at sample pics and scoured flickr and basically obsessed about it.

The last few days have been spent discussing it with my wife. There are various details and aspects that need to be ironed out, and we’ve made some headway on that front. All that remains now is for her to gather some opinions from her photography-enthusiast friends. (It’s mainly for her benefit, but as she’s going to be able to use the camera too it’s nice to have her fully on board.)

Very soon I will be making the purchase and waiting on pins and needles to get it in the mail. Unless I can find a shop in town, I suppose. I never thought of that until just now…

Wish me luck.

So if you’re a photo wonk, how did you get started? Did you ever wonder if you’d get bored with it?



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