This little tree.

If you’re at all like me, you are soaking up all of the great advice and content over at Ask Me Anything About Photography. Go check it out if you haven’t already. It’s well worth your while.

This particular post got my brain turning. In it, Zack Arias offers some helpful advice on how to develop your artistic eye. One of the ideas was to shoot something mundane around you in a variety of ways and situations over a couple weeks. This sounded great to me, as pretty much everything in my little world is mundane. Plenty to choose from.

I chose this tree outside of my office.

I went pretty standard with the first shot of the series. Mid-day sun, prime lens locked down at f1.8. One of the other goals I’m constantly striving for is my post-production prowess. I want to learn how to make images pop. And while this one doesn’t all that much (I’m humble enough to admit it), it does set the baseline for the series.

I’m thinking I might name the tree Bernardo. But I need to see more of its personality before I decide.




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