Light – 1

I’m trying to push the limits of my illustrative abilities. Years ago I broke into some great new space with a calendar I designed, almost exclusively in Illustrator. I really learned a great deal about gradient mesh in particular. Alas, no link exists of it on the web. But take my word for it, it was superb.

This year I’m doing a big Christmas illustration, kind of a cross between Giotto and Jan Brett if it all works out as planned. I’ve yet to land on a signature style, but recent musings have left me leaning toward simply creating without so much emphasis on its place in the grand visual narrative of my life. The theme is going to be “light,” and I don’t really know what to do with that yet. I was going to go for “hope,” but that is obviously very politically charged this year and so it will remain on the side.

To give things a fresher feel, I’m going to draw most of the elements freehand and then trace them in Illustrator. I’d like it if things didn’t look completely sterile by the end.

I made a bit of a tweak to the top of the h, and I need to come up with an element to fit in the space between the h and t. I’m thinking mistletoe, as obvious as that sounds. Here’s how the entire composition is shaping up so far:

I’ll keep you updated. I’m open to suggestions, too.




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