Light – 2

That voice is back again. The voice that tries to break me down whenever I try to do something beyond the typical day-to-day stuff. Something that stretches myself. Like this illustration. The voice told me that this wasn’t going to be that good, that I was wasting my time, that I should try to think some more about what I should really be doing with my time.

That voice is a jerk.

I don’t care if you or anyone thinks this is good. I need to remind myself that things are worth doing, even if they aren’t going on our headstones or fitting into our obituaries someday.

Sorry to get heavy on you, but thinking about this gets me thinking about my niece, who’s going through a hard time these days. Her voices are seemingly much louder and persistent, and there are many things I want to tell her. Things I can’t say because I’m a thousand miles away and words on a screen don’t get the point across. Things like “don’t give up” and “we’re honestly, seriously praying for you” and “you are beyond amazing and special”. I would tell her that people learn to stop listening to that voice, and she needs to as well.

On the topic of pain, this sums up a lot of what I would say.


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