Ever since we had kids, my wife and I haven’t taken a real, honest-to-goodness vacation. And we still haven’t, because this year we took two weeks to visit family in Minnesota. I don’t know about you, but travelling to see relatives is not something I’d categorize as even remotely relaxing. But this time around everything was pretty smooth sailing. I was able to stop trying to control things and ended up having a pretty good time, despite the cool weather and mosquitoes.

Travelling with a sketchbook is always a tricky situation. I don’t really want to slow anyone else down, and I usually can’t find the time otherwise, so I end up drawing much less than I want. But, again, this time proved different. I had plenty of opportunities to get some drawing in, either on the scene or from my mind’s eye afterward. It was a good way to step back from the hectic nature of travelling with small children (we drove, because we’re geniuses) and find a bit of sanity.

Anyone out there travel with small kids, and find the time to actually do some decent sketching?





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