Too Hot


A word of advice: it’s nice to come home from a road trip a day or two early, to get things squared away before heading back to work. I’m a big fan of this idea.

What I’m not such a fan of is coming home three or more days before you go back to work. Especially if you’ve been driving for two whole days with small children. They get totally bored in the car, so when you finally get home you will be exhausted and they will be completely hyper. And if it happens to be the hottest weekend of the summer, that’s a double whammy. Then you’re trying to stay out of the heat as well, and I’m convinced that society as a whole goes a bit nuts in extreme heat.

All that aside, this particular weekend actually had some good moments. Instead of trying to stay up for fireworks on the 4th, our tradition is to tune in for the PBS Capitol 4th Whatever-they-call-it. This year’s installment was deliciously atrocious. You can count on four things from this program: 1. Tom Bergeron, 2. B-list teen heart throb du jour, 3. fireworks, and 4. some completely washed up old singer who has no business being in front of a crowd anymore. Previous installments of this have included Neil Diamond (I’m actually a fan of his) and Barry Manilow. They have nothing on this year’s re-animated corpse of Frankie Valli. They had to keep cutting away from the close-ups of him because he was incapable of keeping up with lip syncing his own songs. I might have laughed the entire time.

Also, as the page says, Michael MacDonald is completely unintelligible by now. But somehow he was just annoying instead of entertaining. [Shrugs.]



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