Adler M250

Motorcycles are beautiful machines. I would want one if I was flying solo through life. Vintage ones especially. So when I came across a nice picture of an old Adler, I had to draw it. And I had the time to really give it my all, and I do mean my all. Most days I look at the result of my drawing efforts and lament the lack of quality, and it’s usually because I feel like I don’t have enough time. So this time, I told myself NO EXCUSES.


It took a long time to draw.


I’m talking a really, really long time. Possibly longer than it’s taken me to draw anything. When it was done, I was so afraid of continuing that I took a full scan to use for this post, just in case it all fell apart.


There come certain moments in a man’s life when he is faced with a tough choice, to pack it in or forge on. I knew this sketch wasn’t finished. I also knew it could turn out awful. And as I took a brush loaded with ink to the front tire, I learned a little about myself. And as I kept going, things turned out to be okay. The thing about Moleskine sketchbooks is that the paper resists wet media at first. Usually this doesn’t bother me, but on this one it really did. The next time I try this hard, I might use different paper. We’ll see.


Again, this would’ve been a fine time to stop. But I wanted to see if I could color it like it deserved. And again, the resistance to the paint was perturbing. But we soldier on in the face of difficulty.



I suppose I could’ve kept going with color, but at a certain point I just stepped back and decided I liked it. I probably won’t do things in the same way next time, but I suppose that means I learned some valuable lessons here. The most important thing I learned is that trying as hard as possible can produce some really good results. So you, if you try something today, try it really, really hard.


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