I tried something I haven’t attempted in years, a monochrome wash. Partly it’s because I’ve started trying to put down an ink wash in between drawings and watercolors lately, but also partly because it carries a bit of a nostalgic tone. And that’s how I wanted to remember my backyard. Not that I have any reason to worry about it; I’m not moving away or anything. I just like how summery it looks right now. There are times in winter when I could use a reminder. I used payne’s gray watercolor instead of india ink, which makes it a little more workable but harder to layer more and more shade. I’ll probably have to try some variations on this idea. I really like how it turned out.

The oatmeal on the left page was a mistake. Once again I used the Pilot V5 (with non-waterproof ink) when I meant to use the Uniball Vision Micro and watercolors. It forced me to employ colored pencils on a larger scale than I’m used to, which was a little pleasant. I don’t want to make a habit out of it, though.



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