St. Rick

St Rick

I took up linoleum cuts a few months ago. I had done some in the one printmaking class I took in college, and wandering around the art supply store with money to burn I came across a Speedball starter kit. What I found I love about it, and indeed what struck me all those years ago, is the feel of taking on a slow craft. You have to be very deliberate and thoughtful in how you lay out the block. It will be reversed, some parts will be black and others white (and at first it took a lot of conscious thought about which would be which), and once you’ve carved something, there’s no putting it back.

This is St. Rick. It’s a musing on what kind of people Jesus would pick for his disciples if he did his thing today in America. I borrowed a lot of the look from Russian ikons.

I have a couple more lino cuts in the works right now, and it’s taking up a lot of my otherwise-spent-sketching time the past few days. It’s good for meditating. It slows you down, doesn’t cost a whole lot, and you get something very cool at the end. You ought to try it.



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