First, because I can’t pass up an opportunity to post an Op Ivy video:

There. Now let’s get to some art.


I did the drawing on this one primarily with the brush pen; my Uniball pooped out at the beginning. (Side note: Am I the only one who feels tremendous pride in using all the ink in a pen, from start to finish?) The lines were made very slowly and deliberately. The spread has its own feel. Then there’s this…


I drew this one on-site at our local park, with a 6B pencil. That thing is a beast. Every line you make with a very soft pencil is almost as dark as every line you make with a brush pen. But there seems to be something about a soft pencil that makes me throw caution to the wind. I’m trying to get the scene more than the details. That little voice in my head that warns me against chicken-scratch is forcibly silenced.

Now, this could have something to do with setting, or knowing that I do or don’t have my full kit at my disposal, or how much time I have to draw. But maybe, just maybe, my style is determined to some degree by my choice of drawing utensil. I mean, the thought of drawing that playground equipment with the Uniball is way more intimidating. I’ve tried before; I ended up taking forever to get the details right.

Do you change based on the medium?



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