Easter sketching #1

I could be remembering it wrong, but I’m pretty sure in Surprised by Hope, NT Wright says something interesting about Easter—just as we give things up for Lent in preparation for Easter, so we should take something up in celebration of Easter. It’s a nice suggestion, and since my Lenten vow was to give up social media (crushed it, and I am way happier for it), I thought it was worth a shot to do something from Easter to Pentecost, which Google tells me is on May 15th this year.

My most recent interest is a return to keeping an illustrated sketchbook, so that’s what I decided to do. Putting something in there for fifty straight days ought to either get my skills in great shape, or totally burn me out on sketching, or both.

Until I have a couple spreads filled in, here are some recent ones I’ve done. I’m using a Handbook Travelogue, which has some decent paper and a nice square shape. I’ve come back to the Uniball Vision micro, and of course my usual kit of Reeves watercolors.



A sorta kinda goal of this exercise is to get better at painting and noticing light. I’m the kind of person who gets impatient painting in complex scenes, and likes to simplify everything I can’t draw with a pen. The bottle of hand sanitizer took a long time to paint, but I’m pretty pleased with how that went. More of that.

And you should do something, too. You don’t need to do fifty days, but maybe you could draw more or cook more or whatever it is you do more this spring. You could.



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