Achievements Unlocked


Health +1

After so much candy, this was one of the rare occasions when I was really glad to eat a salad. Getting older is weird.

Scenery +1

True, it’s hardly majestic. But I’m starting to figure out that the key to sketching a scene is figuring out ways to represent lots of detail with only a few lines, or a dash of color. I still have a ways to go, but this is exactly the type of growth I was hoping this Easter sketching exercise would accomplish.


Cross-hatching +1

It’s awkward to bring paints to church, so I have to be content to merely draw the backs of peoples’ heads while I’m listening.

Artistic ability -1

That may be the worst sketch of a baseball player that I’m capable of. I couldn’t really tell you all that went wrong, but at least the paint helped cover some of the egregious mistakes. Some.



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